Overend Watts – He’s Real Gone

OVEREND WATTS who died early this year was a bass player, record producer, songwriter, author and founder member of MOTT THE HOOPLE and was the driving force behind the MTH reunion shows of 2009 and 2013

Before his death after a long illness he finally completed his solo album that he had been promising to deliver to his legion of fans for the past decade plus and in keeping with his legendary witty humour he decreed that as the album would be released after his passing that it would not be called “She’s Real Gone” as planned but changed to “He’s Real Gone”!.

As a bonus track for fans Overend provided his own demo of his song “Born Late 58” which he sang on the seventh and final album from Mott The Hoople back in 1974.

Overend Watts

1. She’s Real Gone
2. The Dinosaw Market
3. Caribbean Hate Song
4. He’d Be A Diamond
5. The Legend Of Redmire Pool
6. Prawn Fire On Uncle Sheep Funnel
7. Belle Of The Boot
8. There’s Berkeley Power Station
9. The Magic Garden
10. Endless Night
11. Rise Up
12. The Search
13. Miss Kingston
Bonus Track:
14. Born Late 58 (original demo)

Angel Air SJPCD050
RELEASE DATE 1st September 2017
(CD and Digital)

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